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Why Bolin is best.


Captain of the Fire Farrets

Natural Assistant

World’s first movie star

Saved the President

Kissed a princess


Hopeless romantic

Always there when you need a hug

Paragon of Justice and Awesomeness

me waiting for haikyuu season 2: [banging fist on table] WHERE. ARE. THE. OWLS. WHERE. ARE. THE. OWLS.
So, I WAS Completely Right About Boleska


Just wanted to say

That I was totally right about this

And totally called it the second I saw that there were going to be twins (one of them a girl) this season

And even though they had to sort of break up

That doesn’t mean they won’t get back together at some point

So, yeah,


Harry Potter inktobers!


It’s better to have shipped and sunk, than never to have sailed at all






Hold Close - IngridTan

excuse you did you just make me cry over a flame and a drop of water

True love

This is so beautiful!

Tears are streaming down my face at this.


I love how for the two episodes we thought Boleska was so cute, and awkward, but working. What I hate is how two amazing story boarders could take a potentially hilariously amazing relationship, give it a chance to grow as some amazing character development on both sides, and just instead decide to scrap it and make it forced and creepy. Rest In Peace, Boleska we all wanted